Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hand art.

Today I  made    some  art  with  my hands. My mummy got the idea from google. I really like doing art. I hope I can do it more. Art is really fun. Can you see how it looks 3D?
Thank you for reading!


  1. wow that is so cool. it looks like the hand is under the paper. an illusion!
    love from daddy xxx

  2. That's fantastic Sessie! What a great idea! My little girl just saw it and wants to have a go at doing that too as she thinks it's so cool!! Well done! :D

  3. Sessie you are so smart. What a clever little poppet.. Mr Knuckles thinks you are very clever and would love to come draw his paw with you xx

  4. Well done Seren! What a good idea mum

  5. Amazing art Seren! I want to try it straight away with my class at school!

    Auntie R

  6. wow, that looks really cool! I'm glad I have a cool niece like you :) love from uncle Eric x